The largest parade of hybrid cars consists of 332 vehicles and was organized by Northern California Toyota Dealers Association in Alameda, California, USA on 23 April 2016.

This successful attempt took place on the grounds of a former US Naval base in Alameda.

Shattering expectations, 332 Prius owners showed up to join parade Toyota

One of the many environmental friendly attributes of Californians is that they love their Toyota Prius hybrids. For Earth Day 2016, they invited a few of their fans - along with their Prius hybrids - to a small celebration at the Alameda Air Field in honor of the day.

Along the way, Toyota shattered their expectations as they broke a Guinness World Records title on Saturday, setting a new record for the most vehicles in a hybrid parade. Over 300 Prius owners joined the festivity with the official tally for the parade lap on the Alameda Air Field a whopping 332 Prius vehicles and their owners in attendance.

California has a long and devoted history with Prius as the golden state accounts for 40 percent of the nation's Prius vehicles according to Toyota.. Northern California is particularly well-known for its Prius population density. In fact, Toyota says that they and their luxury brand Lexus have double the hybrids on the roads than any other auto manufacturer.

"The Bay Area is home to hundreds of thousands of proud Prius owners, and we wanted to pay homage to the Prius this Earth Day," said Pete Carey, vice president and general manager for Toyota Motor Sales. "We wanted to celebrate this revolutionary vehicle and the folks behind the wheel who've always been our early-adopters, thinking bigger about their carbon footprint and environmental impact."

Having sold over 3.5 million hybrid Prius worldwide since its inception, Toyota - for 2016 - has created a fourth generation hybrid hatchback that raises the hybrid bar significantly. The new Prius features a new fluid exterior design, new hybrid engine design, lighter lithium-ion hybrid battery, higher fuel economy, better drivability and comfort with more features than ever before.


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